Teksty piosenek / T / The Brothers

  10, 100, 1000

  Another angel

  Another wonderland

  Back home soon

  Bad lover

  Bluu tombourine

  Both sides now

  Brother in music

  Come on baby

  Crazy man

  Der mond ist rund

  Die welt steht kopf

  Dirty minded

  Don't go to France

  Don't walk away

  Don't write me

  Do you really want more

  Dream about you


  Flying nowhere

  Follow you anywhere

  Forbidden words

  Frequency of love

  Full circle

  How much love

  Ich will dein ohr

  In love with a star

  I tried in vain

  I won't sleep tonight


  La luna


  La vie devant toi

  Les chemins de traverse

  Little black princess

  Little man on your schoulder

  Living with my soul

  Lost in your eyes

  Lovelight paradise

  My little girl

  My little majesty

  N haus

  No way to freedom

  Now that you're gone

  On monday

  Our yesterday

  Pennies in a jar

  Put on your mask

  Real good friend


  Sexy girl

  Song of the ocean

  Stay by her side

  Still open


  Tango de ma ville

  Tell me right now

  The moon

  The shortest way

  The song is strong

  Throwing stones

  Til there was you

  Try to explain

  Vins fins

  We never set the world in fire

  What love is all about

  Winter has gone

  You can't promise love

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki