Teksty piosenek / T / The Beatnuts

  40 Oz

  Are you ready

  Back 2 back

  Beatnuts forever

  Buyin out the bar



  Do you believe

  Engineer talking shit

  Find that


  Fried chicken

  Get funky

  Get funky 2

  Give me the

  Hammer time


  Hit me with that

  However whenever

  If it ain't gangsta

  I love it


  It's the nuts


  Let off a couple

  Let off a couple 2

  Let's git doe

  Lick the pussy

  Look around


  My music

  Niggaz know

  No escapin this

  Off the books




  Props over here

  Psycho dwarf

  Pyscho dwarf 2

  Quality & the bushmen off the top

  Reign of the tec

  Rik's joint


  Se acabo

  Se acabo (remix)

  Slam Pit

  Stone crazy

  Story 2000

  Straight jacket


  Supa supreme



  Turn it out

  U crazy

  U don't want it


  Watch out now

  We got the funk

  Work that pole

  World's famous

  Yeah you get props

  You don't stop

  You're a clown

  Yo yo yo

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki