Teksty piosenek / T / The Bates

  48 Crash

  A fuck on the edge of the world

  Ahead of you

  All for me

  All i got to say

  All in all

  Always the same

  A real cool time

  As tears go by

  Baby i got you

  Baby i miss you

  Bates motel

  Beautiful noise

  Be glad to me

  Believe in me

  Be my baby

  Best friends girl

  Big spender

  Billie Jean

  Bin nicht verliebt

  Bitter end



  Broken picture

  Children of the revolution

  Chocolate junkie

  Der einsame

  Der westen ist einsam


  Donna Clara

  Don't really know

  Don't tell me no lies

  Don't wanna be like you

  Down the up escalator

  Do you care

  Drivin without brakes


  Ferry cross the Mersey


  Fox on the run


  Fuck the world

  Glass of champagne

  Going for the show

  Gone tomorrow

  Gonna make it through the night

  Good friends

  Halte dich bereit

  Hassliches kleines madchen


  Helter skelter

  Here we go

  High above the ground


  I can handle it

  I don't care

  I don't love you

  I don't wanna love you

  I hate to go

  I know now

  I'm alright

  Immer weitergehen

  I'm still waiting

  Independent love song

  In love with you

  In this town

  In your head

  Iron bed

  I still miss someone

  It's getting dark

  It's me again

  It's my party

  Japanese girl


  Just some fun

  Keine ist wie du

  Let's get it on



  Love is dead


  Lucy is back

  Meet my friends


  My baby's gone away


  Nights in white satin

  Nimm mich mit


  No place to go


  Not like you


  Ohne dich


  One minute

  On my own

  Out of my mind

  Out of time

  Over you

  Paint my horse green

  Pay back

  Poor boy

  Poor little girl

  Psycho junior

  Put the blame on me



  Rock n roll heart



  Running forward

  Say it isn't so


  She's mine

  She won't come back


  Sidewalk surfin

  Slow down baby

  Something to do


  Song for drinkers

  Song for Michael

  Sorry suzanne

  Sound of silence

  Still the same


  Summer in the city

  Summer without rain

  The end

  The lips of Jayne Manesfield

  The night

  The only one

  To know her is to love


  Up around the bend

  Up the down escalator


  Wailing wall

  Waiting for the sun


  Wet look

  When will i see you again


  Worse than the devil


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