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The Ataris - Summer 79

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   Our last day of summer, 1979.
  Gotta live it up one time before it's over.
  We will make history tonight.
  Out at the drive-in
  all of our closest friends will be sneaking in. You'll be spending your whole night
  trying everything you can to get that girl to notice you.
  "We are the champions" playing loud on the radio station.
  Everyone sing along with these anthems of our generation.
  Cruising down Pacific Coast Highway,
  put the top down, crawl into the backseat.
  Let's create anthems of our own tonight.
  Downat the roller rink
  all the cool kids crowling around the air-hocky table.
  "Hey, my besr friend like you!"
  I hear you shout at me as you go skating by.
  Sneak out of your window, darling.
  Let's live like outlaws honey.
  We'll never look back.
  Climb out on this rooftop.
  And stare at the city lights below us.
  This world belongs to us tonight.
  The kids will keep raging on and they ain't ever gonna stop.
  Chorus (x2)

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