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  Adventure Today

  Amino Man


  Aquabat March

  Attacked By Snakes

  Canis Lupis

  Captain Hampton & The Midget Pirates

  CD Repo Man

  Chemical Bomb

  Danger Woman

  Dear Spike

  Giant Robot Birdhead

  Hello, Good Night

  Hey Luno!

  Idiot Box

  Idiot Box

  I Fell Asleep On My Arm

  It's Crazy, Man!

  Lobster Bucket

  Lotto Fever

  Lovers Of Loving Love

  Magic Chicken

  Marshmallow Man

  Martian Girl

  Martian Girl

  Monsters Wedding

  My Skateboard

  Pinch And Roll

  Pizza Day


  Pool Party

  Powdered Milk Man

  Radiation Song

  Red Sweater


  Sequence Erase

  Ska Robot Army

  Super Rad


  The Baker

  The Ballad Of Mr. Bonkers

  The Cat With 2 Heads

  The Man With The Glooey Hands

  Theme Song

  The Story Of Nothing

  The Thing In The Bass Amp

  The Wild Sea

  Tiny Pants

  Worms Make Dirt

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