Teksty piosenek / T / The 69 Eyes


  30 (deutsche)

  All american dream


  Angel on my shoulder

  Angel on my shoulder (deutsche)

  Be my speed

  Betty blue

  Brandon Lee

  Brandon Lee (deutsche)

  Broken man

  Call me

  Crashing high

  Dance d'amour

  Dawn's highway


  Don't turn your back on fear

  Forever more

  Framed in blood

  Framed in blood (deutsche)

  Get around

  Get it off

  Ghettoway car

  Gothic girl

  Gothic girl (deutsche)



  Hand of god

  Heaven hell

  Hellcity 1999

  It ain't hand of god

  Lady luck

  Lay down your arms

  Lazarus heart

  Motor city resurrection

  Mr. Pain

  Next stop paradise


  Skanky man

  Sleeping with lions

  Smashed n trashed

  Sore loser



  Still waters run deep

  Stolen season

  Stolen season (deutsche)


  The chair

  The chair (deutsche)

  Too much to lose

  Truck on


  Velvet touch

  Velvet touch (deutsche)

  Wages of sin

  Wasting the dawn

  Who's gonna pay the bail

  Wild talk

  Wrap your troubles in dreams

  You ain't the reason

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