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Thalia - Dance Dance (The Mexican) - (Hex Hector Club Mix)

Tekst piosenki:

Something's got control of me
  Feels like I'm in a trance
  Electricity runs through me
  Makes me wanna dance
  Take me in your arms
  'Cause I wanna dance all night with you
  When you move I feel your magic running through me
  I grow helpless as we dance the night away
  Dance, dance
  I can't control it
  You're making me really want it
  The way you move to the rhythm
  It's taking over me
  You dance
  I want you badly
  I'm in a trance
  Come and help me
  'Cause I can't stop going crazy
  Just satisfy me, baby
  Dance, dance
  Hypnotizing rhythms make me move
  At your command
  I can be your slave
  And dance all night if you demand
  You make me lose my mind
  And I can't take it any longer
  I feel the power that you have
  It's getting stronger
  Baby, let's dance the whole night away
  You totally control
  Every part of me
  Don't you know what kind of vibe
  You're sending to me?

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