Teksty piosenek / T / Ten Foot Pole


  Another Half Apology

  Another Year Goes By

  Armchair Quarterback

  Broken Bubble

  Closer To Gray





  Do It Again

  Dying Duck In A Thunder Storm


  Fade Away

  Fall In Line


  Final Hours


  Giving Gravity A Hand

  Gnarly Charlie

  Hammering Out The Details

  Happy Daze

  Hey Pete


  I Don't Mind

  I Got Your Letter

  It's Not Me

  I Won't Complain Today


  Late At Night


  Love Song

  Man In The Corner


  My Wall

  Never Look Back

  Nothing To Lose

  Nova Scotia

  Officer I Swear She's 19

  Old Man

  One Hero

  People Like You

  Pete's Farm

  Pete's Shoes

  Pete's Underwear


  Pride And Shame

  Racer X



  Sarah Jones






  Still Knee Deep

  The Getaway

  Think Of Tomorrow

  Third World Girl

  This Is But A Test

  Too Late

  Tunnel's End



  Wanna Be Alone

  What You Want

  World's Best Dad

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