Teksty piosenek / T / Templars

  Another one


  Bovver boy

  Change for the worse

  Chansons de geste

  City traffic



  Eastern Europe

  False demagogue

  Freedom has its price


  Guardian angles


  Heroin street

  I believe in myself

  I don't need you

  I still remember

  I've heard it all before

  Just like them

  Kids of today

  Land of the morning calm

  Make your mark

  My saving grace

  Never fade away

  New York

  Night of the seagulls

  No solution


  Ocham's razor

  Our generation

  Pawns in the game



  Push & shove

  Right to work


  Shades of grey


  Skinheads rule O.K.

  Skins and punks

  Stand up speak out

  Stick to your guns

  Straight to hell

  The city

  The glory it once was

  These four walls

  The sixties are over

  The Templars

  The waiting is over

  They don't care

  Thier plan

  This isn't the first song

  Those who built this country


  Video age

  Visions of a future

  Waiting for the blood to flow

  War on the streets

  Who's the real threat

  Worse my while

  You'd better beware

  You decide

  You're free

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki