Teksty piosenek / T / Tea Party

  A Certain Slant Of Light



  All My Charms

  Army Ants

  A Slight Attack


  Baby What You Trying To Do

  Can You See My Tears


  Coming Home


  Drawing Down The Moon

  Dreams Of Reason

  Dreams Of Reason


  Fallen Angel

  Fire In The Head


  Goodman Rag

  Great Big Lie


  Heaven Coming Down



  In This Time

  Let Me Show You The Door

  Little Miss Heaven

  Midsummer Day

  Midsummer Day

  Poem On The Inside Cover



  Raven Skies



  Save Me

  Save Me

  Shadows On The Mountainside


  Sister Awake

  Spoken Word

  Sun Going Down

  Sun Going Down

  Taking Me Away


  The Bazaar

  The Halcyon Days

  The Majestic Song

  The Messenger

  The Messenger

  These Living Arms

  The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove



  Turn The Lamp Down Low


  Walk With Me

  Watching What The Rain Blows In

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