Teksty piosenek / T / Taylor Dayne

  Ain't no good

  Can't fight fate

  Can't get enough of your love

  Carry your heart

  Dance with a stranger

  Don't make me love you

  Don't rush me

  Do you want it right now


  Heart of stone

  I could be good for you

  If you were mine

  I know the feeling

  I'll always love you

  I'll be your shelter

  I'll wait

  In the darkness

  Love's gonna be on your side

  Love will lead you back


  Naked without you

  Prove your love

  Say a prayer

  Send me a lover

  Someone like you

  Soon as my heart breaks

  Soul dancing



  Tell it to my heart

  The door to your heart

  There is no heart that won't heal


  Up all night

  Upon the journey's end

  Wait for me

  Want ads

  Whatever you want

  Whenever you fall

  Where does that boy hang out

  With every beat of my heart

  You can't fight fate

  You don't have to say you love me

  You meant the world to me

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