Teksty piosenek / T / Talib Kweli

  2000 Seasons

  African deam


  B boys will b boys

  Big Nel from Da Natti

  Blak iz blak

  Bridge to bama


  Down 4 the count


  For women

  Get By

  Get By (Remix)

  Ghetto afterlife

  Good morning

  Great expectations

  Guerrilla monsoon rap

  Gun Music

  Here we go

  Human element


  I try


  Love language

  Lunchroom classics


  Memories live


  Move something

  Name of the game

  On a mission

  On my way


  Put it in the air

  Raise the bar

  Rhymes and ammo (remix)


  Shock Body

  Some kind of wonderful

  Soul rebels

  Stand to the side

  Talk to you

  Talk To You (Lil' Darlin')

  The blast

  The express

  The proud

  This means you

  Too late

  Touch you

  Wack niggas

  Waitin' For The DJ

  What they may seem

  Where do we go

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