Teksty piosenek / S / Swollen Members

  Act On It

  Against All Odds

  Anthrax Island

  Assault battery

  Bad Dreams

  Battle Axe Exclusive

  Bless + Destroy

  Bless destroy

  Block party

  Bottle Rocket


  Bring It Home

  Burns And Scars



  Circuit Breaker


  Counter Parts


  Dark Riders

  Deep End

  Endangered species

  Freak Fantastic

  Fuel Injected

  Fuel injected - remix

  Full Contact

  Ground Breaking

  Heavy Thinkers

  High road

  Horrified Nights

  Killing Spree

  Lady Vemon

  Long Way Down

  Members Only

  New Details

  Out Of Range

  Paradise Lost

  Poker Face

  Remember the name




  Snake bite

  Steppin' Through

  Steppin thru



  Take it back



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