Teksty piosenek / S / Suzanne Vega


  As a child

  As girls go

  Bad wisdom

  Big space


  Blood makes noise

  Blood sings

  Book of dreams



  Casual match


  Fancy poultry

  Fat man

  Fifty-fifty chance

  Freeze Tag


  Harbor song


  Honeymoon suite

  If i were a weapon

  In Liverpool

  In my movie

  Institution green

  In the eye


  It makes me wonder

  Knight Moves





  Machine ballerina

  Marlene On The Wall

  Men in a war

  My favorite plum

  Neighborhood Girls

  Night vision

  No cheap thrill





  Rock in this pocket

  Room off the street


  Rusted pipe

  Small Blue Thing

  Small blue things

  Soap and water


  Solitude standing

  Some Journey

  Song of sand

  St. Clare


  Straight Lines

  The queen

  The Queen & The Soldier

  Thin man

  Those whole girls

  Tired of sleeping



  When heroes go down

  Woman on the tier

  Wooden horse

  World before columbus

  Your maggie may

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