Teksty piosenek / S / Summoning

  A distant flame before the sun


  Ashen gold

  Dor daedeloth

  Dragons of time

  Dragor bragollach



  Flesh and blond

  Habbanan beneath the stars

  In hollow halls beneath the fells

  Khazad dum


  Kortirion among the trees

  Like some snow-white marble eyes

  Long lost to where no pathway goes




  Mraching homewards

  Nightshade forests

  Our foes shall fall

  Over old hills

  Passing of the grey company

  Runes of power


  South away

  The glory disappears

  The legend of the master-ring

  The loud music of the sky

  The mountain king's return

  The passing of the grey company

  The rotting horse on the deadly ground

  The shadow lies frozen on the hills

  Through the forest of dol guldur

  Through the valley of the frozen kingdom


  Unto a long glory

  Where hope and daylight die

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki