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Sublime - Babylon Stone

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From under that great stone got to move
  From under that great stone gots to remove
  From under that great stone
  Stone of babylon
  From under that great stone got to remove
  Real real real
  That's so real to me
  I love him
  Because he leads me to victory
  Many people doubt him
  But I can't live without him
  Just because I love him so
  He's so real to me
  It shall be done
  All of my troubles and triumphs
  When I get over
  Over on the other side
  I'm gonna shake my hands with me elders
  I'm gonna tell all the people good morning
  I'm gonna tell all the telephone chalace
  That I will
  Oh it's war upon the East
  War upon the South
  War upon the North this is what it's all about
  You can see when they're coming and going
  So I start walkin'
  Over on the other side
  Mother that great stone gots to move

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