Teksty piosenek / S / Subhumans


  All Gone Dead



  Ashtray Dirt

  Big Brother

  Big City

  Black and White

  British Disease



  Can't Hear the Words

  Carry on Laughing

  Curl Up And Die


  Drugs of Youth

  Dying World

  Everyday Life


  Ex-Teenage Rebel

  Fade Away

  Firing Squad

  First Aid


  From The Cradle To The Grave


  Get Out of My Way

  Get to Work on Time

  Glad To Be Alive

  Heads of State


  Human Error

  I Don't Wanna Die

  I Don't Wanna Die

  It's Gonna Get Worse

  Joe Public



  Love Is...

  Mickey Mouse Is Dead


  Motorway Song

  New Age

  New Boy

  No More Gigs

  No Thanks

  Nothing I Can Do

  Not Me


  People Are Scared



  Power Ames



  Reality Is Waiting For A Bus

  Reason for Existence

  Religious Wars


  Somebody's Mother

  Someone Is Lying

  So Much Money

  Song No. 35

  Straightline Thinking

  Subvert City


  Think For Yourself

  'Till the Pigs Come Round

  Time Flies...

  Us Fish Must Swim Together

  Wake Up Screaming

  Walls Of Silence

  Waste Of Breath

  What's Your Number?

  When the Bomb Drops

  Where's The Freedom?

  Who's Gonna Fight in the Third World War?

  Word Factory

  Work Experience


  Worlds Apart


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