Teksty piosenek / S / Stratovarius

  4000 Rainy nights

  A drop in the ocean

  Against the wind

  Alpha & Omega

  A million light years away

  Anthem of the world

  Before the winter

  Black diamond



  Celestial dream

  Coming home

  Courtains are falling





  Eyes of the world

  Falling into fantasy


  Father time

  Find your own voice


  Forever free


  Glory of the world

  Hold on to your dream

  Hunting high and low


  I surrender

  I walk to my own song

  Keep the flame

  Kill the king

  Know the difference

  Learning to fly



  Million lightyears away

  Mother Gaia

  No turning back




  Playing With Fire


  Run away


  Soul of a vagabond

  Speed of light

  The abyss of your eyes

  The curtains are falling

  The kiss of Judas

  Twilight symphony

  Venus in the morning


  We hold the key

  Why are we here

  Will my soul ever rest in peace

  Wings of tomorrow

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