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St Lunatics - Gimme What You Got (Remix)

Tekst piosenki:

  I'm on my way to my show, uh, shirt Polo
  Gortex figaro, jeans Hilfiger though
  Starched up, hit the Amaco
  Bought a Philly, sparked up
  Lunatics'll blow the park up
  Ooh this herb, got me geekin like a nerd
  F what you heard, federal roll like a bird
  You were, actin funny when you first saw me
  Now, I'm makin jams have you bein like "go Lee"
  Hell nah trick, I'm picky now
  I'm spiffy now, smoke sticky now
  Hit the door at the club Yella, Grip and Luv
  Met me with a dub, was it fire playa, what
  Straight to the bar, got a Henny and Coke
  Ain't been in five minutes, rats sendin me notes
  Could it be the way I get down, the way I throw down
  I don't know, but it's one thing I know for sure
  Some a y'all been tryin to write rhymes for years
  And we got dibs, irritatin my ears
  Is this the best that you can make?
  But if not, then you got more, I'll wait
  But don't make me wait too long 'cause I'm a move on the dance floor
  Where they put somethin smooth on
  Turn up the bass, it's better when it's loud
  'Cause I like to rule the crowd
  Like my homie Joe Day, burgandy six-tre
  I'm lookin sporty, you fools know me
  No way, am I goin out like a buster
  Once I'm in last long like a wrestler
  Givin out degrees for that P.H.
  Raised on the N-O-R-T-H side of this biiaatch
  ?? real soon, uh
  Like soon as you hear it put that blunt out, break and leave the room
  Get your own pop, piece to doom (?)
  Bulletproof and pop, my hit gon' baloon
  Position is assumed, I'm the Tic, the Tune
  Leavin 'em all like a typhoon, ghetto tycoon
  Cats waste ink, they don't take time to think
  Actin hard like they shit don't stink
  Knowin they stench like the rink
  True color be pink, rinky dink
  Big Lee need a spliff 'cause I'm startin to think, that...
  See I rockin in my spare time, unwind and grind fools like coffee
  Softly is how I speak to them punks who come actin salty
  Then Ali, I let this thing go (booyaah!), back on the farm
  I heard you was on my tail now you yellin "Nelly, you lost 'em"
  Fool, my click is off the hook like O.J.
  Fool, there ain't no way, that we could ever be deep in four-play
  Run and ask your lady
  Smokin hay-hay-haaay
  I bust a rhyme, and I line all them draws, my sign for all a y'all
  Be that F on the top of skyscrapers, my lyrics rape ya
  Tape your mouth like a hostage, you be talkin garbage
  Makin my stomach nauseous with that shhh that, ah
  Tryna' compare your click to mine, you need to hide and catch up
  ?? Duff know I'm a liar, makin you fools transpire
  To sweatshirts like Champion attire, so why you try-ah
  Lunatic for hirrrrrrre, haha, I'm startin to think that...
  [(Hook) 2x]

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