Teksty piosenek / S / Stiff Little Fingers

  All I Need

  All The Rest

  Alternative Ulster

  A River Flowing

  At The Edge

  Baby Blue (What Have They Been Telling You?)

  Back To Front

  Barbed Wire Love

  Beirut Moon

  Believe In You

  Be Seeing You

  Big City Night

  Bits Of Kids



  Closed Groove


  Dead Of Night

  Die And Burn

  Doesn't Make It Alright

  Dust In My Eye

  Each Dollar A Bullet

  Falling Down

  Fly The Flag

  Forensic Evidence

  Gate 49

  Get A Life

  Gotta Gettaway

  Half A Life Away


  Here We Are Nowhere

  Hits And Misses

  Honeyed Words

  Hope Street

  Human Shield


  (I Could) Be Happy Yesterday

  I Don't Like You

  In Your Hand

  Is That What You Fought The War For?

  (It's A) Long Way To Paradise (From Here)

  I Want You

  Johnny 7

  Johnny Was

  Just Fade Away

  Kicking Up A Racket

  Last Train From The Wasteland

  Law And Order


  Love Of The Common People

  Mr Fire Coal-Man

  My Ever Changing Moral Stance

  Nobody's Hero

  No Change

  No Faith

  No Laughing Matter

  No More Of That

  No Surrender

  Piccadilly Circus

  Roaring Boys (Part One)

  Roaring Boys (Part Two)

  Roots, Radicals, Rockers And Reggae

  Rough Trade

  Safe As Houses

  Silver Lining

  Stands To Reason

  Stand Up And Shout

  State Of Emergency

  Straw Dogs

  Suspect Device



  The 'Cosh'

  The Game Of Life

  The Message

  The Night That The Wall Came Down

  The Only One

  The Price Of Admission

  The Road To Kingdom Come


  Tin Soldiers

  Touch And Go

  Wait And See

  Walk Away

  Wasted Life

  Welcome To The Whole Week

  What Does It Take

  What If I Want More

  When The Stars Fall From The Sky

  White Noise

  Won't Be Told

  You Can Get It (If You Really Want)

  You Can Move Mountains

  You Can't Say Crap On The Radio

  You Don't Believe In Me

  You Never Hear The One That Hits You

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