Teksty piosenek / S / Stella

  Apartment politics

  Bad news entertainment

  Belle grade

  Better days sounds great

  Bosses of the soul

  Capitol letters

  Costume twinge II



  English teacher

  Extra life

  Fame is a 4-letter word

  Finger on the trigger

  Goodbye popkids

  Hyperventilation weeks

  Id, please

  Ik wil het je vergeven

  Kill love army

  Lower saxony

  Never going back to school

  Next is already ex

  Opening night


  Port authority


  Sane like dirt


  Take me back to Tokyo

  The first and last day of love

  The girl

  The harbour

  The jogging man

  The shape of sound itself


  Underwater skate


  Urgent webcam transmission

  Woman with a beard

  Work for love


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