Stabbing Westward - Angel

Tekst piosenki:

I believed that love was sacred
  As I dove blindly into her sea
  You see, that warm embrace felt more like drowning
  As endless waves crashed over me
  She was an insatiable black hole
  Feeding off my mind and off my soul
  I find love humilating
  Sick and desperate need that drains me
  God I hope I never feel again
  But I've never been loved by an angel
  I've never felt anything so pure
  I've never been loved by an angel
  Until tonight your heaven filled my room
  She showed me love could lift me higher
  With a kiss she reparied these broken wings
  She revived my fading spirit
  Restored my faith in everything
  I have never felt I had a home
  Even in a crowd I felt alone
  I'd almost given up on life
  I'm fully determined now
  And never thought I'd ever feel again
  I believed in nothing
  But you believe in me
  I thought that life was worthless
  But you told me I'm a star

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