Teksty piosenek / S / Stabbing Westward



  Breathe You In

  Can't Happen Here


  Crushing Me

  Darkest Days

  Dawn - Escape From LA

  Desperate Now



  Everything I Touch

  Falls Apart

  Give Me It



  Haunting Me



  How Can I Hold On

  I Don't Believe

  Inside You

  I Remember




  On Your Way Down


  Plastic Jesus


  Red On White

  Save Yourself


  Shame (Do You Think God Is Dead?)


  Slipping Away

  So Far Away

  Sometimes It Hurts

  So Wrong


  The Only Thing

  The Thing I Hate (P.O.M.F.)


  Torn Apart

  Torn Apart - Spawn


  Violent Mood Swings

  Violent Mood Swings

  Waking Up Beside You


  What Do I Have To Do?

  When I'm Dead


  You Complete Me

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