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Sponge - My baby said

Tekst piosenki:

She was a waitress but convinced
   she had been a dead movie star
   reincarnated to the life of a queen
   but the real scars she was nursing
   were not from her man but from
   her beast of burden because in real life
   she could not live her dreams
   all day long he drove a cab
   for 30 years he was the man
   take you anywhere that you pleased
   and for 30 years he was amazed
   he took care of his wife and her bad legs
   he thought he lived a life like a machine
   and he hoped he could have been the
   drummer man in some great big band
   that would drive the world wild with his beat
   (and oh yeah)
   baby said that
   she always been a dreamer
   she ain't scared with her hands up in the air
   she shows the world she's a superstar
   can't you see
   are stars made or are they born
   she's glamorous but so unknown
   and she's always so well received
   and easy to love and easy to please
   baby said
   she always been a dreamer

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