Teksty piosenek / S / Spock's Beard

  4th of july

  A guy named Sid

  All is vanity

  All on a sunday

  At the end of the day

  Beware of darkness

  Can't get it wrong


  Carry on

  Crack the big city

  Day for night

  Devil's got my throat

  East of eden, west of memphis

  Feel euphoria

  Freak boy

  Freak boy part 2

  Ghosts of autumn


  Goodbye to yesterday

  Go the way you go

  I''m dying

  I'm the guy

  I will go

  Lay it down

  Long time suffering

  Looking for answers

  Looking straight into the light

  Love beyond words

  Made alive

  Mommy comes back

  Moth of many flames

  My shoes


  On the edge

  Open the gates - part 2

  Open wide the flood gates



  Shining star



  Solitary soul

  Stranger in a strange land

  The 39th street blues

  The distance to the sun

  The doorway

  The gypsy


  Time has come

  Walking on the wind

  Waste away

  Welcome to NYC

  Wind at my back

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