Teksty piosenek / S / Spin Doctors

  At this hour

  Bags of dirt

  Beasts in the woods

  Big fat funky booty

  Biscuit head

  Bout a train

  Breakfast in bed

  Cop that the robber


  Dart tossin blues

  Deep Elem blues

  Dogs on a doe

  Forever collapses

  Forty or fifty

  Freeway of the plains

  Gorilla boy


  Hard to exist

  Hey Dick


  How could you want him

  Hungry hameds

  If wishes were horses


  Lady Kerosene

  Mary Jane

  More than meets the ear

  More than she knows

  Off my line

  Piece of glass

  Pretty baby

  Prisoner of time

  Refrigerator car

  Rosetta Stone

  Scotch and water blues

  Shinbone alley

  Sister Sisyphus

  Someday all this will be road

  Stepped on a crack

  Sweet widow

  To make me blue

  Traction blues

  Turn it upside down

  Two Princes

  Up for grabs

  Uranium century

  What time is it

  Where angels fear to tread

  Yo baby

  You let your heart go too fast

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