Teksty piosenek / S / Spandau Ballet

  Always in the back of my mind

  A matter of time

  Be free with your love

  Big feeling

  Chant No.1

  Code of love

  Coffee club


  Crashed into love

  Cross the line

  Empty spaces

  Fight for ourselves




  Gold (deutsche)

  Handful of dust

  Heaven is a secret

  Highly strung

  How many lies

  I'll fly for you

  Innocence and science



  Man in chains




  Nature of the beast

  Only when you leave

  Paint me down




  Revenge for love

  Round and round

  She loved like diamond

  Snakes and lovers


  The freeze

  Through the barricades

  To cut a long history short



  True (deutsche)


  Windy Town

  With the pride

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki