Teksty piosenek / S / Soul Asylum

  99 %

  Ain't that tough

  All the king's friends

  April fool

  Artificial heart

  Beggars and choosers

  Be on your way

  Bitter pill


  Black and blue

  Black gold

  Blood into wine

  Brand new shine

  Broken glass

  By the way

  Caged rat

  Can't even tell

  Can't go back




  Closer to the stars

  Cradle chain

  Creatures of habit

  Down on up to me

  Draggin' the lake

  Easy street

  Easy to avoid

  Endless farewell

  Everybody love a winner

  Eyes of a child

  Fearless leader


  Get on out

  Goin down

  Growing into you

  Gullible's travels




  Hopes up

  I did my best

  I will still be laughing

  Runaway train

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