Sonic Youth - Pipeline

Tekst piosenki:

   Stretch me to the point where i stop
   run ten thousand miles and then think of me
   i think you know the place we should meet
   don't worry if it's dark and i'm late
   run me out a thin wire
   help me to kill this love
   i'll join you tonight at the bottom of the well
   feel around in the dark until you get the idea
   i'm not moving doesn't mean i can't
   flame on in my head
   my best friend sucked his wife's blood and shriveled up
   he was mistaken for sane
   we move and groove and cut loose from fear
   we should kill time, we'll shut it down
   i've got a pipeline straight to the heart of you
   opening in my head
   bright glass on a chain being wound around us
   the twiddling of idle hands
   dripping with guilt
   a secret form of punishment
   axes through skulls
   shadow of futility
   endless revolt
   the shifting of light and shadows
   no-one is right
   nothing is solid
   nothing can be hold in my hand for long

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