Teksty piosenek / S / Sonata Arctica

  8th Commandment

  Abandoned, pleased, brainwashed, exploited

  Black sheep

  Blank File


  Champainge bath

  Destruction preventer

  Die with your boots on

  Draw me

  False news travel fast



  I Want Out

  Kingdom For A Heart

  Land of the free

  Last drop falls

  Letter To Dana

  Letter to Dana (deutsche)


  My Land

  My Land

  Peace maker

  Picturing the past


  Respect the Wilderness

  San Sebastian


  Silver tongue

  Sing in silence

  Still Loving You


  The cage

  The end of this chapter

  The misery

  The power of one

  The rest of the sun belongs to me

  The ruins of my life



  Wolf & Raven

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