Teksty piosenek / S / Soilwork

  A predator's portrait

  As we speak

  Bastard chain

  Blackstar deceiver



  Chainheart machine

  Cranking the sirens

  Demon in veins

  Departure plan

  Distortion sleep

  Downfall 24

  Figure number five

  Final fatal force

  Follow the hollow

  Generation speedkill

  Grand failure anthem

  In a close encounter

  Light the torch

  Like the average stalker

  Machinegun majesty

  Mercury shadow



  My need

  Natural born chaos


  Neon rebels

  Neurotica rampage

  No more angels


  Possessing the angels


  Rejection role

  Room 99

  Sadistic lullabye

  Shadow child

  Skin after skin

  Soilworker's song of the damned

  Spirits of a future sun

  Steelbath suicide


  Structure divine

  The aardvark trail

  The analyst

  The bringer

  The flameout

  The mindmaker

  Wings of domain

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