Teksty piosenek / S / Sodom

  Addicted to abstinence

  Agent orange

  Among the weirdcong

  An eye for an eye



  Back to war

  Baptism of fire

  Better off dead



  Body parts


  Book burning


  Brundish the sceptre

  Bullet in the head

  Burst command till war

  Cannon fodder

  Capture the flag

  Christ passion

  Code red

  Cold sweat




  Deathlike silence

  Delight in slaying

  Die stumme ursel

  Don't walk away

  Eat me


  Enchanted lands



  Exhibition bout

  Fall of majesty town

  Fellows in misery

  Fields of honour

  Freaks of nature

  Fuck the police

  Gathering of minds


  Get what you deserve



  Hanging judge

  Hey,hey,hey rock n roll star

  Hunting season


  I am the war


  Into perdition

  Iron fist

  Jabba the hut

  Jesus screamer

  Lead injection


  Little boy


  Magic dragon



  Masquerade in blood

  Master of disguise


  Murder in my eyes

  My atonement

  Napalm in the morning

  Never healing wound

  No way out

  Nuclear winter


  Obsessed by cruelty

  One step over the line

  Outbreak of evil

  Peacemaker's law

  Persecution mania


  Pretenders to the throne

  Proctelytism real


  Remember the fallen



  Sepulchral voice

  Shadow of damnation

  Shellfire defense

  Silence is consent

  Skinned alive


  Sodomy and lust

  Sow the seeds of discord

  Spiritual demise


  Suicidal justice

  Tapping the vein

  Tarred and feathered

  The conqueror

  The crippler

  The kids wanna rock

  The saw is the law

  The vice of killing

  The wolf and the lamb

  Til death do us unite

  Tired and red


  Unbury the hatchet


  Visual buggery

  Volcanic slut


  Wander in the valley

  Warlike conspiracy

  What hell can create


  Witching metal

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki