Teksty piosenek / S / Social Distortion


  99 To Life

  All The Answers

  All The Answers

  Another State Of Mind


  A Place In My Heart

  Backstreet Girl

  Bad Luck

  Ball And Chain

  Born To Lose

  Bye Bye Baby

  Cold Feelings

  Crown Of Thorns

  Dear Lover

  Don't Drag Me Down

  Down Here (W/ The Rest Of Us)

  Down On The World Again

  Drug Train

  Ghost Town Blues

  Gotta Know The Rules

  Hour Of Darkness


  It Coulda Been Me

  It's The Law

  It Wasn't A Pretty Picture

  I Want What I Want

  I Was Wrong

  Justice For All

  King Of Fools


  Let It Be Me

  Like An Outlaw (For You)

  Lost Child


  Making Believe

  Mass Hysteria

  Mommy's Little Monster

  Moral Threat

  Moral Threat

  No Pain No Gain

  On My Nerves


  Pleasure Seeker

  Prison Bound

  Ring Of Fire

  She's A Knockout

  Sick Boys

  So Far Away

  Sometimes I Do

  Story Of My Life

  Telling Them

  The Creeps (I Just Wanna Give You)

  This Time Darling

  Through These Eyes

  Under My Thumb

  Under My Thumb


  When She Begins

  When The Angels Sing

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