Teksty piosenek / S / Snow Patrol

  An olive grove facing the sea

  Ask me how i am

  Batten down the hatch

  Black and blue

  Chased by - i don't know what


  Days without paracetamol

  Downhill from here

  Favourite friend

  Fifteen minutes old


  Get balsamic vinegar

  Gleaming auction

  Holy cow

  How to be dead

  If i'd found the right words to say

  Last ever lone gunman

  Last shot ringing in my ears

  Little hide


  Make love to me forever

  Make up

  Making enemies

  Never gonna fall in love


  One hundred things you should have done in bed

  One night is not enough

  On - off



  Somewhere a clock is ticking

  Spitting games

  Starfighter pilot

  Sticky teenage twin

  The last shot ringing in my ears

  Tiny little features

  Velocity girl

  Ways and means

  We can run away they're all dead and gone

  Whatever's left


Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki