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  Before I'm Gone

  Brand New Hairstyle


  Can't Find It

  Can't Find It

  Can't Help the Teardrops (from Getting Cried)

  Capital Cristine

  Days Just Wave Goodbye

  Don't Be Afraid

  Double Fisted Love

  Down the Street

  End of Your Time

  First Time

  Follow the Sound

  Gotta Know Right Now


  I Know You Love Me

  I Was Right

  Just Broke Up

  Leather and Lace

  Let's Hear It For Love

  Let's Hear It For Love

  Let Them Die


  Midnight Moon

  Missing Out

  Mrs. You and Me

  My Lucky Day

  Need You Around

  No More Smiles

  No Time For Your Lies

  Not That Kind of Girlfriend

  Off My Mind

  On the Shoulder



  Pretty Pathetic

  Pure Imagination


  Run Away



  Star Struck One

  That's Where I Come In

  Theme From "Cheerleader"

  They Lied

  Under the Blanket

  Waiting Around

  Writing a Letter

  You Spoke to Me

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