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  Arms of Mary

  Boulevard of broken dreams

  Changing all the time

  Chasing shadows

  Coming home tonight

  Don't Play Your Rock N' Roll To Me

  Do to me

  Drift away

  Every little kiss

  Fistful of dollars

  For a few dollars more

  Give it to me

  Going home

  Going tomorrow

  Have you ever seen the rain

  Heartbreak angel

  Heat of the night


  I can be a heartbreaker, too

  I feel love

  If you think you know haw to love me

   If you think you know how to love me

  In the middle of a lonely dream

  Last train

  Lay back in the arms of someone

  Little Lucy

  Little town flirt

  Liverpool docks

  Living next door to alice

  Love can change your heart

  Love like a rocket

  Love sometimes takes time

  Make ya boogie

  Mexican girl

  Miss you

  Moving mountains

  Naked love

  Needles and pins

  Never made in heaven

  Oh Carol

  One night in Vienna

  Pass it around

  Poor lady

  Remember the days


  Romeo and Juliet


  Runaway train

  Run to me

  San Francisco bay

  Scream your guitar

  Sometimes you cry

  Steppin on seashels

  Stop rewind


  Stumblin in


  Take good care of my baby

  Take me in

  Tell me why

  The rain came down

  Think about the night

  This side of paradise

  Till hell freezes over

  Till you follow me

  Umbrella day

  What can i do

  When my back was against the wall

  When the lightning strikes

  Whiskey in the jar

  Young hearts

  You took me by surprise

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