Teksty piosenek / S / Small Brown Bike

  A Table For Four


  Bad Anthem

  Blank Landscapes

  Boarding House

  Composing Myself (A Lullaby)

  Curosity Killed The Cat, And I'm The...

  Dull Way Down

  Expecting Confidence

  Expression Eraser

  Fami(liar) To You


  In Tune

  I Will Bury You In Me


  Like A Future With No Friend

  Make This A Holiday

  Mine of You...

  More Or Less

  My Own Disaster

  My Unanswered Whys...

  No Place Like You

  Now I'm A Shadow

  Riding With Death

  Running, Swinging, And Sinking

  See You In Hell

  Sleeping Weather

  Slow Time Suicide

  So I Fall

  Take Care

  The Cannon And Tanks

  The Cold

  The Mouth of Madness

  The Twenty-Sixth

  The Vacuum

  This Ship Will Burn

  Trains All Talk

  Under Pressure

  Unsung Zero

  Wrong Hometown


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