Teksty piosenek / S / Slayer


  Abolish government


  Aggressive perfector

  Altar of sacrifice

  Angel Of Death


  At dawn they sleep

  Behind the crooked cross

  Bitter peace

  Black magic


  Blood red

  Can't stand you

  Captor of sin

  Cast down

  Chemical warfare

  Circle of beliefs

  Cleance the soul

  Criminally Insane


  Crypts of eternity

  Darkness of Christ

  Dead skin mask

  Death's head



  Die by the sword




  Dissident aggressor


  Divine intervention


  Evil has no boundaries


  Expendable youth

  Face the slayer

  Fictional reality

  Fight till death



  Ghosts of war

  God send death

  Guilty fo being white

  Hallowed point

  Hand of doom

  Hardening of the arteries

  Haunting the chapel

  Hell awaits

  Here comes the pain

  Human disease

  I hate you

  I'm gonna be your god

  In the name of god

  Jesus saves

  Kill again

  Killing fields

  Live undead

  Love to hate

  Mandatory suicide

  Mind control

  Mr. Freeze


  New faith

  Overt enemy


  Perversions of pain

  Piece by piece



  Praise of death

  Raining blood

  Read between the lies



  Screaming from the sky


  Seasons in the abyss

  Serenity in murder

  Seven faces

  Sex. murder. art.

  Show no mercy

  Silent scream

  Skeletons of society

  South of heaven

  Spill the blood

  Spirit in black

  Spiritual law


  Stain of mind


  The antichrist

  The final command



  Unguarded instinct

  Verbal abuse

  Violent pacification

  War ensemble




  Witching hour

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