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SISTER HAZEL - Will Not Follow

Tekst piosenki:

My aspiration grows and with it grows my pride.
  No consolations just frustrations I don't mind.
  I crossed a thousand rivers and never will I tire
  But I'll walk away, I'll walk away, And take my test of time.
  What's ahead That's for me to see and ...
  What I am That's for me to be and ...
  Where I go That's for me to know and ...
  Now I lead And I will not follow.
  My hands they bleed from the pounding on the door.
  I fell face down and still I pounded on the floor.
  My hear it hurts and my throat it's gettin' sore.
  But I'll talk my way, I'll talk my way
  And then I'll talk some more.
  Tomorrow dawn it lights the way for me,
  Down a road that goes on and on And on and on and on ...
  Just survivin' it ain't the way to be.
  Tried it once and it took it's toll on me.
  He hesitated, never acted in the now.
  I never waited, wiped the sweat off of my brow.
  They congregated so I looked at them and bowed.
  And I'll have my way, I'll have my way,
  And never turn around.

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