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Tekst piosenki:

Don't know what I'm gonna make of this.
  Feeling contemplative today.
  I'm used to finding solace
  In what I bought or what I thought but
  That's not going to be satisfactory today.
  Used to run and try to hide,
  Today I'll stay and pick a side
  And if I die well least I tried,
  Yer standin' in my way...
  Looked around this place to see where I belong.
  Feel misunderstood again today.
  It's such a strange sensation
  Being my kind here in this time yeah.
  But that's not cause for much But aggravation today.
  Where was I - when Jimi kissed the sky?
  And a Beatle said it's not too late to "Give peace a chance."
  I survived The Brady Bunch, And the age of "let's do lunch"
  Time is time - yeah time is time, Time and time again.

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