Tekst piosenki:

Would you think I was crazy
  If I stripped on down to my skin or
  Would you think I was free as a bee
  C'mon tell me - tell me - tell the truth now
  Would you think you could meditate in the middle of the eye of a hurricane
  Would you now but somehow we were tethered here together
  We can weather out the weather here
  Oh yeah I might be crazy - but that's not the same as insane
  And I'm scared - but that's not the same as being afraid
  If I throw myself over the edge
  If I find myself in over my head
  If I shatter from the fall and I lose
  I'd still want to swan dive - into you
  So tell me now what you're thinking
  A Lincoln for your thoughts or a dollar for them all yeah
  Well I can take the truth - no I can't - yes I can
  Tell me we were meant to be - a happy accident
  Would you cry if I said it
  Would you get it if I told you that I want you and I need you
  Aw that wouldn't say enough
  Hell I love you
  How bout that yeah

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