Tekst piosenki:

I know that it's been a long
  Time since I've been gone
  It's easy to forget--help me remember
  Funny but I've never been
  Good at stayin' close
  But that don't mean that I never remember
  And it's been --So long
  Been gone but feel like we're one again
  So long....
  And it's been so long
  I kept thinkin' maybe tomorrow
  And now I'm gonna leave again--believe again
  Yeah yeah--so long....
  I take a little time to think
  About what is right or wrong
  And that will lead me home if I remember
  And I do--me I know it's true
  Come find me and I'll be there to tender
  Take a little look around
  I listen while I learn
  Why are you the one I take for granted
  'Cause I do--me I know it's true
  I know you would never just demand it
  [Chorus--some stuff--out]

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