Teksty piosenek / S / SISTER HAZEL / Shame On Me


Tekst piosenki:

It's over and I'm overwhelmed
  I'm emptied out like a dusty shelf
  You buried me-and I'm covered in shame
  I'm here but you look right through me
  [Pre chorus]
  Just hear me out for what it's worth
  You still rip my breath away
  I've come around
  I know you've heard it before
  And again and again...
  Shame on me shame on me
  It's bittersweet but I'm so sorry
  It took so long but you believed
  (I'm sorry it took so long)
  Shame on me:shame on me...
  Because you're every questions answer
  Shame on me
  So clever -but I tripped somehow
  I never guessed you could knock me down
  I am just a bit undone
  Displaced and burned like fire
  [Pre chorus/ chorus]
  I didn't get it I never wanted to
  My self destructive attitude said
  What did you want
  And why would you want it at all?
  But you never went away
  You faded out but it took so long
  It's tainted
  How could I let this slip away from me
  For a wondering jones
  I'm here but you look right through me...

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