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SISTER HAZEL - Running Through The Fields (For Jeffrey)

Tekst piosenki:

Well we shared a season Running through the fields
  We never had a reason To be scared of things
  That were so unreal Making our own stories
  Playing our own games We never had no worries
  Never thought things Would ever change
  But I'm missin' you today -
  Don't know why you went away
  Times I sat and wondered Nights we sat and cried
  I'm proud to be your brother No one knows how hard we tried
  To make it to tomorrow For just another day
  There's never time to borrow For things I'll never get to say ...
  So many days I'm searchin'
  So many nights I'm left alone
  Sometimes the song of the wind
  Well it's -- only the warning for the storm
  Moments turn to hours Months they turn to years
  It's different now without you With your image crystal clear
  The child was the teacher A brother and a friend
  A fragile little creature Who'd do it all again and again
  Well we shared a season
  Running through the Fields

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