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SISTER HAZEL - Little Things

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I know - some things
  Well they don't feel right and I can't sit tight
  Still there's some other things they can make you smile
  they can make you high ...
  Still there's some other things - make you turn your head
  Make you change your direction If you check their worth
  Well they're not too deep and you need some correction ...
  I've got infatuation with the little things
  They make me feel good - Why should I feel bad - ooh ...
  I've got infatuation with the little things - little things
  If you try you could; And then you won't be;
  Feelin' that way no more no
  Sun rise - moon rise
  Well it all seems nice even though it's predictable
  Take it - twist it - What's in my head is simply unrestrictable...
  [CHORUS - CHORUS (repeat)]

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