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SISTER HAZEL - Change Your Mind

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Hey, Hey
  Did you ever think
  There might be another way
  To just feel better,
  Just feel better about today
  Oh no-
  If you never want to have
  To turn and go away
  You might feel better,
  Might feel better if you stay
  Yeah yeah
  I bet you haven't heard
  A word I've said
  Yeah yeah
  If you've had enough
  Of all your tryin'
  Just give up
  The state of mind you're in:
  If you want to be somebody else,
  If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself
  If you want to be somebody else
  Change your mind...
  Hey hey-
  Have you ever danced in the rain
  Or thanked the sun
  Just for shining- just for shining
  Or the sea?
  Oh no- take it all in
  The world's a show
  And yeah, you look much better,
  Look much better when you glow
  Hey hey-
  what ya say
  We both go and seize the day
  'cause what's your hurry
  what's your hurry anyway

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