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SISTER HAZEL - Beautiful Thing

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Well I'll follow you wherever
  When you lead me by my nose
  On another big adventure- I suppose
  Then you lay me down in clover
  With their petals on my back
  I should make some time
  To do more things like that...
  [Pre chorus/chorus]
  Won't you sing to me your poetry,
  Won't you take me to your home,
  Won't you be for me forever
  So I'll never be alone
  And just one thing...
  If you're my queen...
  Then it's a beautiful thing...
  Well I'm buried in my bedroom
  Under fourteen feet of clothes
  I could drown in all this clutter I suppose
  But then you're standing in my doorway
  With a suitcase on your back
  And it blows my mind
  When you do things like that
  [Pre chorus/ chorus]
  Yeah, reminding me
  Well I might be poor
  But summers free...
  For me, I didn't know I was sleeping
  [Pre chorus/ chorus]

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