Teksty piosenek / S / Simple Minds

  20th Century promised land

  African skies

  Alive and kicking

  All for you

  All the things she said

  And the band played on

  Banging on the door

  Being boiled

  Belfast child

  Big sleep


  Book of brilliant things

  Boys from Brazil

  Bring on the dancing horses

  Calling your name

  Capital city

  Careful in career




  Chelsea girl


  Colours fly and Catherine Wheel

  Come a long way

  Constantinople line

  Criminal world


  Dance to the music

  Dancing barefoot


  East at easter


  For your pleasure

  Garden of hate




  Glittering prize


  Great leap forwards

  Hello, i love you


  Hunter and the hunted


  If i had wings

  In trance as mission

  I travel

  I wish you were here


  Kick it in

  Killing Andy Warhol

  King is white and in the crowd

  League of nations

  Let it all come down

  Let there be love

  Life in a day


  Love song

  Love will tear us apart

  Mandela day

  Murder story

  My life

  Naked eye

  Neon lights

  New gold dream

  New warm skin

  Night music

  No cure

  Oh jungleland

  Once upon a time

  Pleasantly disturbed


  Promised you a miracle

  Real life

  Real to real

  Rivers of ice


  Sad affair

  Sanctify yourself

  Saturday girl


  Seeing out the angel

  See the lights

  Seven deadly sins

  Seventy cities as love brings the fall

  She's A River


  Song for the tribes

  Sons and fascination

  Soul crying out

  Speed your love to me

  Stand by love

  Street fighting years

  Street hassle

  Sun city

  Superman V supersoul

  Sweat in bullet

  Take a step back

  Tears of a guy

  The American

  The kick inside of me

  The man who sold the world

  The needle and the damage done

  Thirty frames a second

  This earth that you walk upon

  This fear of gods

  This is your land

  This time

  Today i died again

  Travelling man

  Twist run repulsion

  Up on the catwalk

  Wall of love

  War babies



  White hot day


  Wonderful in young life

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki