Teksty piosenek / S / Silverchair

  Abuse Me

  Acid Rain

  Across The Night

  After All These Years

  Ana's Song (Open Fire)

  Anthem For The Year 2000


  Black Tangled Heart





  Dearest Helpless

  Do You Feel The Same

  Dreams of dying alone

  Emotion Sickness



  Fix me




  Israel's Son

  Learn To Hate

  Leave Me Out


  Lie To Me

  Love your life

  Luv Your Life


  Madman (vocal mix)

  Ma favourite thing

  Minor threat

  Miss You Love

  My Favourite Thing

  New race

  No Association

  Nobody Came

  One Way Mule

  Paint Pastel Princess

  Paranoid (cover-version)


  Petrol & Chlorine

  Pin in my needles

  Point Of View

  Pop Song For Us Rejects

  Punk Song #2

  Punk song 2

  Pure Massacre



  Satin Sheets




  Spawn Again

  Steam Will Rise


  Suicidal Dream

  The Closing

  The Door

  The Greatest View

  The Lever



  Too Much Of Not Enough


  Tuna In The Brine




  Without You

  World upon your shoulders

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