Teksty piosenek / S / Silkk The Shocker

  1 Morning

  Ain't Nothing

  All Because Of You

  All Night


  D-Game (Remix)

  End Of The Road

  Executive Thug

  For Money

  Free Loaders

  Funny Guy

  Get It Up

  Ghetto 211

  Ghetto Rain

  Ghetto Tears

  Give Me The World

  Got Em Fiendin'


  He Did That

  How Many...

  How We Mobb

  I Ain't Takin No Shorts

  If I Don't Gotta

  If It Don't Make $

  If My 9 Could Talk

  I'm A Soldier

  I Represent

  It Ain't My Fault

  It Ain't My Fault 2

  It's Going Around Outside

  It's Time To Ride

  It Takes More

  I Want To Be With You

  Just 'B' Straight

  Let Me Hit It

  Made Man

  Mama Always Told Me

  Me And You


  Mr. '99


  My Car

  My Homie

  My World, My Way

  Na Na Na

  No Limit

  No Limit Party

  Pop Lockin'

  Seem Like A Thug

  Somebody Like Me

  SouthSide Niggas

  Tell Me

  That's Cool

  Them Boyz

  The Shocker

  This For My...

  Throw Yo Hood Up

  Thug 'N' Me

  We Can Dance

  We Won't Stop

  What Gangsta's Do

  What I'm Looking For

  What's Heaven Like

  Where Dey At

  Who Can I Trust

  Who I Be

  You Ain't Gotta Lie To Kick It

  You Know What We Bout

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